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And besides, he said, the problem calls are a tiny percentage of the 17, or so calls dispatched by per day. Nicks recalls that they were warned of the dangers of heroin.

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Make your voice heard: Felix has investigated what Imperial is doing to combat gender inequalities and support the career progression of women.

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I hope with all the work we have been doing over the last few years that there will be a much larger percentage of women in the department and thus a much larger percentage of professors in the next years. She highlighted the Elsie Widdowson Fellowship for academic staff returning from a period of maternity leave.

The purpose of this award is to allow female academics to concentrate fully on their research and allows the Department to relieve the member of staff of any teaching or admin duties. FONS has also initiated a scheme so that women post docs returning from maternity leave will also be relieved of their teaching for 12 months, to mirror the action taken for permanent Xiaoming Liu has been the Ambassador for China since and took the time to talk to Chinese staff and students to find out more about their experiences at the college.

Mr Liu was given a tour of the Im- perial incubator and was introduced to researchers who have worked in collaboration with China. When speaking about Imperial, the Ambassador stated: Your university matches any of the other four — Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and UCL and your reputation, strengths and innovations are much admired worldwide.

Open for all, with tickets to be purchased in advance. Open to all, first come first served.

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Registration required in advance. Lecture TheatreSkempton Building, 07 February Got something to sell? Need your garage painted? Then let everyone know about it.

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Registered newspaper ISSN Continued from Front Page staff. She also highlighted the Imperial College Early Years Education Centre a childcare centre which benefits women in academia who are raising a family.

Going back toImperial was also one of the founding members of the Athena project, established by several bodies including the UK higher education funding councils, Universities UK and the Office of Science and Technology.

What is needed now is the Government and funding bodies getting seriously behind initiatives like Athena. The Engineering faculty also boasts several awards with the Chemical Engineering and Materials departments having obtained silver awards, and the Earth Science and Engineering and Computing departments having obtained bronze awards.

It certainly seems that with the substantial efforts taking place within the College to support women, along with the rising ambitions of women, Imperial, and other universities, will continue to see a rise in the number of females in senior positions.

Dawn on the Horizons Jonathan Peek Monday 23 January saw the start of the Horizons program, an experimental scheme that sees undergraduates from departments across the college meeting for a series of lectures and tutorials over the next 8 weeks.

The pilot scheme is using the topic of climate change as the basis for the lectures and discussion with the view that if the scheme is repeated other topics such as food security and changings in the global population being used instead. Supporting the series of lectures by leading experts in fields relating to climate change is a number of tutorial sessions where undergraduate from all the different departments of the college can discuss ideas raised, develop team working skills and explore the topic from other viewpoints.

Concluding with a thought provoking slide on why trying to take any action about climate change runs in to difficulty, the lecture was a good summary of the underlying issues of climate change and was a good opening to the scheme.

The lecture was followed by a tutorial that gave the undergraduates a chance to start exploring what policies the Government should be bringing into effect to help stop climate change. Discussions as to why people were taking part in the program was more that people were interested in climate change than the opportunity to develop their professional skills, with a lot of emphasis on the actual science behind the headlines in the media.War Horse - Promo shot of Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Steven Spielberg, Matt Milne, Jeremy Irvine, Toby Kebbell, Robert Emms, David Kross & Patrick Kennedy.

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