Demonstarte ways of supporting learners develop literacy numeracy and ict skills

ICT can be used in most sessions and could include tasks such as typing up work into a Word document, or using Power Point to create a presentation to present to the rest of the group. Getting learners to do a presentation will also embed language skills as well as ICT skills. In some sessions there may be a lack of ICT resources, in which case it may be more difficult to embed skills, however you could make sure that you give a handout containing links to websites relevant to your session. By providing links it will encourage learners to access them in their own time; there you have embedded skills into your session without the ICT resources in the classroom.

Demonstarte ways of supporting learners develop literacy numeracy and ict skills

Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year-old children learning to play percussion instruments.

Demonstarte ways of supporting learners develop literacy numeracy and ict skills

What might your role be in organizing, using and maintaining the learning resources, materials and equipment for the lesson discussed in question 1? What aspects of safety would you consider before and during the lesson discussed in question 1?

Demonstarte ways of supporting learners develop literacy numeracy and ict skills

Describe how you act in class in order to be an effective role model for the standards of behaviour expected in pupils. What strategies might you employ to encourage pupils to behave appropriately? Describe how you might react to incidents of bullying and violence. In what type of lesson might you appropriately observe the physical abilities and skills of a nine-year-old child?

What would you list in your observation report? Considering the nature of the lesson discussed in question 6, how would you record your observations? What factors should you consider when completing a written observation? Get a tutorial to help you with these questions on: Briefly outline the social and emotional development of children from birth to age sixteen and the influences that might affect development.

How might adults within a school setting encourage pupils to recognise and express their own emotions? What are the possible signs and possible causes of emotional distress? Describe how you might approach building a positive working relationship with an eight year old girl that had special educational needs.

When working within a group of pupils, anticipate what problems might occur amongst them and discuss how you might tackle those situations. A teaching assistant may be expected to deal with a range of accidents and ailments. Explain how you would deal with: List signs and symptoms of as many common childhood illnesses as you can think of.

How might the teaching assistant help to meet the requirements of the school health, hygiene and medical policies and procedures? What factors may they have to consider whilst carrying out these duties? List possible signs of physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect.

And briefly outline how a teaching assistant may deal with a suspicion or disclosure of abuse. Research the main content of the National Curriculum for Wales. Include subject headings English, Maths, Science and a brief summary of each.

Be sure to explain any terminology used in your summary.

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Choose one subject e. Geography, History, Art etc and complete a detailed study of it over one key stage. Investigate three recent national strategies and write a brief description of each.

Obtain a prospectus from a local school and research what extra curricula activities are available there. Write a detailed description of one activity. List and briefly outline the main factors that influence teaching and learning.

State why you think it is important to plan and prepare learning activities.

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How will the experience and qualifications of the teaching assistant affect the support they are able to give? What feedback might a teaching assistant be expected to provide and in what form and to who might they be required to deliver it?

When assisting in the delivery of learning activities, describe how a teaching assistant might be expected to: Explain how a teaching assistant might recognize problems that might occur whilst supporting individuals and how they could be managed Get the tutorial to help you with these TA questions on: Consider each role and think whether you would require further training in order to carry out those tasks.

Identify and describe those training needs, where you might receive the right sort of training and a timescale in which you would be able to complete the objectives. What development support might be available to you and how might you use it?Demonstrate ways of supporting learners to develop: a) literacy skills.

b) numeracy skills. c) ICT skills. supporting literacy, numeracy and ICT. Evaluate how own knowledge, understanding and skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT impact on practice: Develop a plan for improving own knowledge, understanding and. Read about early literacy skills, along with ideas for encouraging literacy development for kids.

Developing literacy. By Raising Children Network. But before your child learns to read and write, he needs to develop the building blocks for literacy – the ability to speak, listen, understand, watch and draw.

More ways to develop literacy and numeracy skills Created for primary learners, Kidspiration ® 3 uses the proven principles of visual learning to strengthen literacy skills, build conceptual understanding in maths and develop thinking skills across the curriculum. By Pearson Early Learning Several research studies have supported a notion that many teachers have had for a long time: that children who have been read to .

Supporting learners: strategies eg developing literacy skills through appropriate resources for age and abilities, contextual, phonic, cues and conventions, organisation and structure of text, awareness of writing process, composition. Literacy skills can be embedded into your sessions in a number of ways; this could include getting your learners to create posters, or handouts.

You could also get learners to read out or present their work to the rest of the group, which would embed both language and communication skills into your session.

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