Different perspectives of cuban revolution essay

Joseph Hansen Internet Archive ; This work is completely free. In any reproduction, we ask that you cite this Internet address and the publishing information above. What is its meaning in light of Marxist theory? Yet it is not ideologies that are lacking in this century; here too, they have representatives who from all sides offer us their services.

Different perspectives of cuban revolution essay

Different perspectives of cuban revolution essay

Although the working class was well-organized in the s, it is believed to have been too influenced by corrupt trade union leaders, the Partido Socialist Popular, and a tradition of making primarily economic demands to have offered much support to the guerrillas.

Cushion contends that the opposite is true, and that significant portions of the Cuban working class launched an underground movement in tandem with the guerrillas operating in the mountains.

Developed during five research trips to Cuba under the auspices of the Institute of Cuban History in Havana, this book analyzes a wealth of leaflets, pamphlets, clandestine newspapers, and other agitational material from the s that has never before been systematically examined, along with many interviews with participants themselves.

He argues that these efforts helped clinch the victory of the revolution, and thus presents a fresh and provocative take on the place of the working class in Cuban history.

For twenty years, he worked as a bus driver in London, and has been an active socialist and trade unionist all his adult life. He is currently adviser to the Museum of Labor History on the digitization of their archives. A veritable tour de force in archival and oral history documenting s Cuban worker activism, and in the process, compelling us to revisit the nature and extent of the role of labour in the Cuban Revolution then, and now.

The Test of Time Cushion has written an extraordinarily rich and detailed history of working class militancy in pre-revolutionary Cuba.

A Hidden History of the Cuban Revolution shows that the Cuban working class played an important, even decisive, role in the pre-revolutionary period and in the overthrow of the Batista dictatorship in Our understanding of the making of the Cuban revolution will be permanently shaped by this inspiring and compelling history.

Frantz Fanon It is paradoxical that, despite the victory of a popular revolution in Cuba on the 1st Januarypractically nothing has been written about the participation of workers in these events.

With this book, Dr Steve Cushion has given us a new approach to our view of the contribution of organised labour to the evolutionary cause, both through their strikes and their participation in the armed struggle. An important merit of the book is his use of a large number of primary sources, the result of considerable research by the author.

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The scientific rigour employed by Dr Cushion has produced an unprejudiced and wide ranging study which enriches the historiography of this crucial period in the process of Cuban national liberation. Drawing on extensive archival research, most notably in provincial archives and personal collections, A Hidden History of the Cuban Revolution sheds new light on the role of workers in the revolutionary process and provides fresh material to help us rethink the character of the Revolution.

This study will be required reading for scholars of the Cuban revolution and will be of significant interest to historians interested in comparative perspectives on the role of organised labour in processes of radical political change.The Cuban Revolution at Taking the Measure at a Conference in Canada Louis A.

Pérez Jr. | Oct 1, The story is told that some weeks after the triumph of the Cuban revolution, Ernest Hemingway and a friend sat in a hotel bar in Havana when Fidel Castro arrived with an .

Main Factors Leading To The Cuban Revolution History Essay. Print Reference this (, p) that in the early elections, armed supporters of the different parties would be present at polling stations and in the elections of the number of votes cast outnumbered eligible voters (Gott, , p).

The explanation of the In , there was a wave of Cuban immigration distinct from the initial wave sparked by the revolution. This wave was comprised of “Marielitos”, who were unskilled workers, criminals, and mentally ill people that the Cuban government put aboard boats and sent to Miami.

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Then in , an influx of Cubans looking for employment initiated. The Cuban missile crisis in historical perspective: some thoughts on the film Thirteen Days By Nancy Russell 7 February Thirteen Days, directed by Roger Donaldson, written by David Self.

The Cuban Revolution, then, was won outside of and independent of the Communist Party by forces alien to that sterile sect.

Different perspectives of cuban revolution essay

Now that the Revolution has won the day and is proceeding with the full force of the Cuban proletariat behind it, the Cuban Communist Party wants to get on the bandwagon and take control. Peter Manuel’s Essays on Cuban Music: North American and Cuban Perspectives(Lanham: University Press of America, ) is partic-ularly notable for bringing together the work and theoretical perspectives of Cuban and North American musicologists and eth- Revolution in Havana, –(Pitts-burgh: University of Pittsburgh Press,

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