Final exam mba501

Introduction to Management Information Systems This unit will introduce you to the concept of MIS and the impact it has on business organizations. Most people recognize that information systems are composed of technologies such as computers, keyboards, and networks, but technology is just one small component. Some argue that other components of MIS are far more important. Information systems are made up three high-level components:

Final exam mba501

Adapted from the foreword to Keys to Great Writing 1. Not always in those words, but in words to that effect [3. How do I make my writing vivid and memorable? How do I set myself apart from other writers? How do I convey my personality, my point of view, my values?

Final exam mba501

How do I learn to write with style? Read good writers, study specific stylistic techniques, [2. The first activity, reading, will help you develop your style over time and offer you other immeasurable benefits and pleasures along the way.

They involve analyzing and imitating proven techniques to produce predictable results. The nineteenth-century English critic and essayist Matthew Arnold declared: What stuff it is.


Have something to say and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret of style. Say it simply and directly. To improve your style, [1. Finally — with caution and at some risk — [2. Add flourish if it suits you and if it suits your audience and subjectkeeping in mind that flourish is not the same as fluff.

Even as you attempt elegance, your principal [3.

Final exam mba501

Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace, Joseph Williams includes a cluster of techniques for writing concisely as one of his 10 [4. Those three books, read and studied by countless writers, [5. Economy involves rejecting the notion that more is necessarily better. Reading helps you develop a good ear, and you need a good ear to know which word is best.

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Action has to do with making your sentences tell stories. It is created by using verbs, rather than nouns, to express your meaning. To grasp the importance of personality, think of a novel you read long ago. The one thing that stays with you — even after you have forgotten the characters, the setting, and the plot — is your sense of the writer as a person.

That residue is style in its most profound sense.

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To be a competent writer, you must understand purpose, point of view, organization, support, and coherence, and you must know how to use them to your advantage.A final transcript is required after you your first semester. For international applicants: International applicants must submit an official transcript from any degree-granting college or university for which a degree was earned.

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