Master thesis competition europe

Background[ edit ] Secularization is sometimes credited both to the cultural shifts in society following the emergence of rationality and the development of science as a substitute for superstition β€” Max Weber called this process the "disenchantment of the world"β€”and to the changes made by religious institutions to compensate. At the most basic stages, this begins with a slow transition from oral traditions to a writing culture that diffuses knowledge. This first reduces the authority of clerics as the custodians of revealed knowledge.

Master thesis competition europe

Inaugurated inthe award was established in honour of the Jean Monet Professor Rutger Lindahl to celebrate his lifelong engagement in research and teaching about European integration.

Nominations to the award are done by thesis supervisors and graders. The nominations will then be discussed by CES grading committee. The theoretical discussion is thorough and seizes the major positions in the scholarly debate.

Introducing circular economy from varying perspectives, and its connection to civil rights, the thesis conveys well-thought arguments for integrating the concept of circular economy with the Marshallian citizenship theorization, rather than suggesting a development of a new citizenship theory.

The theory development results in an analytical framework which is applied to the circular economy policy documents stemming from the European Commission, and member states of the EU. The analysis of the empirical data shows the relevance of the framework and furthers the theory development by adding phenomena β€” such as geopolitics β€” to the Marshallian citizenship theorization.

In this sense, empirical analysis and theory development are conducted and interrelated in an exemplary manner. Overall this is overall a solid work that reaches a high scholarly standard. The thesis convincingly presents significant and independent scholarly contribution to the theoretical development of the conceptualization of citizenship.

The theory-grounded analytical framework as well as the application on European policy documents for the promotion of circular economy is of great relevance for the field of European Studies as well as for research that focus on sustainability, climate change or climate change mitigation.

The thesis is well structured, eloquently written, and gives evidence of a transparent and self-critical attitude.

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The research question he addresses therefore is how to explain when and why governments decide to participate and contribute to the development of EU case law.

In order to generate hypotheses Dederke fruitfully turns to the American judicial politics literature. He finds that political preferences and legal considerations both contribute to the decision to participate in the court procedures.

His research contributes to important normative questions regarding the role of non-majoritarian institutions in European integration. The quality of his work is indicated also by the fact that the thesis was selected for, and presented at, the most important political science conference in Europe, the ECPR General Conference in Prague, Septemberand that it has contributed to give him a position as a PhD student at the most prestigious university in Switzerland ETH.

It is argued that the EU should be treated as an entity sui generis, and that the democracy deficit question should be explored accordingly. Operationalized as ten minimal necessary conditions for a deliberative democratic political system, the analytical framework is then applied to the economic governance structure of the EU that evolved in the course of the Eurozone crisis.

The distinguishing strength of the work lies in its theoretical import. While Christina profoundly grounds her work in previous research, she convincingly presents highly original, dedicated, and independent theorization of the political system of the EU, and its democratic potentials and deficiencies.

Consequently, her work represents a significant scholarly contribution to the research of the democracy deficit in the EU. The author conducted five semi-structured interviews with civil servants working in the Commission to generate original and informative data for analysis.

This new primary research is well structured, eloquently written, and casts light on what would have been a more opaque political process between the Commission and the Court without this thesis. Justification The infrastructure for distribution of natural gas in Europe gives returns to scale; therefore it could be argued that the gas market could have a tendency to develop into a natural monopoly.

A privately managed private monopoly could be expected to have negative welfare effects due to high prices and low quality. Anticipating these potential negative welfare effects, during the last two decades regulatory measures has been employed by the EU to increase competition.

Unbundling of energy companies stands out as one of the most important. The thesis contributes an original combination of the economic theories of price mechanisms, with the concept of natural monopolies.

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Drawing on this theorization, it gives a well-written account of previous studies, which is especially meriting since it bring together otherwise separated research on prices of electricity and natural gas in Europe and the world.

Empirically the thesis builds on a panel data model, based on fixed effects regressions, deploying Eurostat statistics. The result of the analysis resembles previous research, namely that there is no significant effect of the unbundling reforms on the prices.

master thesis competition europe

The only independent variable that has effects on the price of gas is the oil price. This leads to the conclusion that the natural gas market, until now, has been too dependent on the larger oil market to constitute a natural monopoly.

Bringing together previously separate research, contributing original theorization and operationalization, deploying a very suitable and advanced statistical method on new large-N data, presenting a stringent very readable text which give evidence of a transparent and self-critical intellectual attitude, this thesis is a substantial academic input to the research on EU reforms for promoting competitiveness.

Happiness among unemployed in 19 European countries - The effect of the economic crisis of Justification This thesis studies the effect of unemployment on individual well-being, assessing how this effect is moderated by economic crises.

While this topic is obviously highly relevant in contemporary Europe, the thesis uses its timeliness to a striking methodological advantage.The College of Europe is a unique postgraduate institute of European studies.

It offers residential specialised master degrees in a stimulating international environment. MA in EU International Relations and Diplomacy, European Law (LLM), Politics, Economics and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Joint MA in Transatlantic Affairs. Innovating whole person healthcare. Community Health Center.

master thesis competition europe

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Thesis When a Master of Laws program requires degree candidates to complete a thesis, it usually consists of an extensive writing project under faculty supervision. Evolution Europe was created to support enterprises searching for public funding that helps the development of their products, services and solutions.

Tax Competition in the European Union: Theory and Evidence from Panel Data Remco de Nood Tilburg University tax competition in the European Union.

How to Subscribe A reaction to this situation arose in the early 8th century when pious scholars, grouped together in loose, studious fraternities, began to debate whether or not Umayyad legal practice was properly implementing the religious ethic of Islam. During the 3rd century bce, Tiberius Coruncanius, the first plebeian pontifex maximus chief of the priestly officialsgave public legal instruction, and a class of jurisprudentes nonpriestly legal consultants emerged.
Conference Structure | gpc 2019 How to Apply The two-year program MP2 provides early and mid-career professionals and staff members with the technical skills needed to be professional policy analysts.
Need master thesis ideas : datascience His researches interests focus on theoretical statistics and Machine Learning with a particular emphasis on nonparametric estimates.

The work that has already been done focused research the position of the European Union within the OECD in terms of tax competition. Writing the master thesis has not been without problems. Master Thesis Foreign Investments in The Chinese Automobile Industry: Analysis of Drivers, Distance Analysis of Drivers, Distance Determinants and Sustainable Trends ii Abstract Analysis of Drivers, Distance Determinants and Sustainable Trends.

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