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My biography

Meteorologist Visitors, Eric Nguyen passed away on September 9, at the age of twenty-nine. We have left his biography entry as it appeared the day he passed.

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However, we've also added a page containing many pictures My biography his family and notes from his wife and children that they asked to be posted. The family page is here. I'm a graduate from the University of Oklahoma with a B.

My biography

I chose OU because it is the number one institution for meteorology and is geared toward those that want My biography strong physics background, as well as those that are wanting to attend graduate school. I worked on the Convective Initiation Team, to show how LASE data could be a diagnostic tool towards forecasting the initiation of deep moist convection.

I purchased an SLR camera my freshman year of high school. I shot with 35mm slide film when storm observing, often times shooting with Fuji Provia or Kodak Elite However, I entered the digital age of photography when I purchased a 2.

I mainly shot stills of hail and miscellaneous stuff since the resolution wasn't very good. I purchased a Canon D60 with a mm Canon "L" lens to shoot 6.

I quickly fell in love with the camera and found myself shooting much more then I normally would since each shot is free. It's really nice to not have to worry about running out of film, as each card holds images in raw format.

I love taking photo's of nature and especially the atmosphere, and I think digital is probably the best method of doing so.

My photos have been in numerous magazines, calendars, text books, online government articles, etc. I love to show my photos to the rest of the world through this website and I typically share them online with.

My biography

I don't shoot video, and I haven't since I've never been good at shooting stills and video at the same time, and I find photography much more rewarding. I mainly shoot photos during the storm observing season and rarely outside of that time frame.

With work and family, I find little time to shoot photos outside of storm season. As ofI'm shooting with a Canon 30d with the same Canon m "L" lens. This is an 8.

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