Political issues in the philippines

January is over. Instead of reading about the past, check out 's issues to watch. States and localities will spend much of their time this year grappling with troublesome new realities and trying to work out their relationship with Washington. New realities are a given in any governmental year, but the crop includes some unusually potent ones.

Political issues in the philippines

In roughly half of the 80 provinces of the Philippines the governor is related to one of the congress-people. Even though there are some constitutional provisions regarding this flaw, it is still not that effective to solve the problem.

There is a view that the widespread of political dynasty gives rise to the political competition and inequality among the candidates and the downturn of socioeconomic outcomes by: Palma also pointed out the lack of enforcement to stop political dynasty and its negative effects.

Who started the anti-political dynasty bill and how did it start? It was first proposed by Commissioner Jose Nolledo during the deliberations of the Constitutional Commission in Are not these two goals too lofty and are they achievable at all?

I am talking of family dynasties. Candidates who won against candidates that are in Political Dynasty Not all candidates who are under political dynasty won the election.

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Some of them were defeated by people who do not belong to political dynasty group. Loren Legarda and Gregorio Honasan are two examples of a candidate who won that do not belong to any political dynasty group.

Loren Legarda does not belong to any political dynasty group but she is the only female who topped the Senate race twice with more than 15 million votes in and She is also a public servant and journalist, has for the last 30 years devoted her work to ensure the future generations of Filipinos.

On the other hand, Gregorio Honasan, a teacher from Sorsogon, became Senator inthe first truly independent candidate in the Philippine history to win in national elections. He was re-elected in and again in This only proves that not all candidates from political dynasty group can guarantee himself of winning the election.

Political choices in the Philippines are made on the basis of personality, not policy. Politicians may have colours but they do not have ideologies. A narrow group of moneyed elite holds an iron grip on political . Issues about Political Dynasty. A survey from the senatorial elections provided a familiar result wherein most of the top-ranked candidates are either politicians from a political dynasty or re-electionists which leads to the issue of political dynasty. Included in these problems are the problems on elections, teenage pregnancy, corruption, poverty, West Philippine Sea issue over China, etc. these topics will be discussed on this page, hopefully we can deliver valuable information to the readers.

Some people still depend their votes on the capacity and leadership of the candidate itself. How come there are still Pros? Pro political dynasty bill still exist because they have accepted that political dynasty is really a part of the Government now and they look at the positive effects of it rather than the negative effects.

Political issues in the philippines

Despite of having weaknesses, it also has strengths which answers why pro political dynasty people exist. Having political dynasty establishes stability and continuity in terms of politics.

Continuity means that they have a higher probability to achieve a long term goal and be implemented through political dynasty. InJoaquin Ortega was appointed governor by the US colonial administration.

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The prosperity of the region speaks clearly, of how well the dynasty has managed.Last May 23, , I attended the luncheon meeting, A Discussion on the Philippine Economic and Political Climate, hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.

Philippines and Political Stability (lausannecongress2018.compines) submitted 2 years ago * by annadpk In the Philippines there is a lot of discussion of democracy vs dictatorship, but little is mentioned about political stability.

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Political issues in the philippines

The Philippines is one of the poster boys for democracy’s disintegration in Southeast Asia. Current President Noynoy Aquino’s successive blunders, from pork barrel scandals to the Mamasapano incident, are the latest episodes in the story of a decaying political system.

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