Read/write access problems access is denied

To relocate data files to the new Oracle Database environment: Oracle Database Administrator's Guideif you perform a manual upgrade, for information about relocating data files 2.

Read/write access problems access is denied

I was working with a 2TB external hard drive when I selected to change the security permission access and then realized that wasn't what I wanted to do, so stopped the process midway. A warning box popped up that the permissions were mixed on this external drive and that was it.

I closed this box and thought I could get back and alter the permission settings for "everyone" but can't access the drive to change anything. I then reboot the main HP computer to see if this would reset something only to find that the External Drive no longer shows up in Windows Explorer except under 'Network'.

I can click on the drive there but can't access it to change anything - getting the same "Access Denied" error message.

read/write access problems access is denied

After trying everything else I could think of I moved the external HD to another Windows 7 computer but it wouldn't show up there at all in Explorer so I moved it back to the system where this mistake was made.

Which may mean I need more specific instructions because DOS is now almost like a foreign language to me. When trying to access this External Hard Drive I can get to the Properties box and it appears like I can alter permissions and add back an Admin profile, but when I go to close these boxes the access denied comes back and nothing is changed.

All that shows up now is Everyone, and this only has Read Permission I can't afford to pull out anymore of my haircan anyone help me please?Feb 25,  · Instead of left-clicking on the external drive (on the original problem machine) and getting "Access Denied", have you tried right-clicking and going through the "change ownership" steps?

Mar 08,  · For example: You have a folder called "Documents" and you've made that a shared folder on the LAN with permissions set for everyone to have full read/write access. Any user on any PC on the LAN can browse to that folder and read/write.

I need to check if a user has read level access to a particular list Item. What would be the best approach 1) lausannecongress2018.comerHavePermissions(currentUser, lausannecongress2018.comstItems); //here. Access to the path 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\mysite\images\savehere' is denied.

Read the message carefully. You are trying to save to a file that has the same name as the directory. Sep 09,  · Past days I have had repeated "Unauthorized Access Blocked (open file)" warnings shown up in the history log of "actor" file have been and and the targets have been various files deep inside Norton folders which makes this suspicious.I have had Norton for 3 years and I have never encountered this, I have reinstalled my computer, twice, it .

Sep 18,  · The only way I was able to restore access to the folders was to blow out all of my custom security permissions and simply say Domain Users have read/write access. Of course, that worked instantly. I'm starting to lose my mind, this should not be that difficult to implement.