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Chemistry of Textiles and Dyes: It is due to pH. An acid, which is pH 1, is 10 times more acidic than pH 2 and times more acidic than pH 3. Each unit on the pH scales differs by a factor of

Practise righteousness dharmanot unrighteousness. Speak the truth, not an untruth. Look at what is distant, not what's near at hand. Look at the highest, not at what's less than highest. Vasishtha samhita is a medieval era Yoga text. Vasishtha dharmasutraan ancient text, and one of the few Dharma -related treatises which has survived into the modern era.

It is written in the form of a dialogue between Vasishtha and prince Rama of Ramayana fame, about the nature of life, human suffering, choices as the nature of life, free will, human creative power and spiritual liberation.

He has also contributed to many Vedic hymns and is seen as the arranger of Vedas during Dwapara Yuga. Mythology[ edit ] A Vasishtha statue in granite stone.

According to Agarwal, one mythical legend states that Vasishtha wanted to commit suicide by falling into river Sarasvati. But the river prevented this Samvid journal by splitting into hundreds of shallow channels.

This story, states Agarwal, may have very ancient roots, where "the early man observed the braiding process of the Satluj" and because such a legend could not have invented without the residents observing an ancient river in Rajasthan drying up and its tributaries such as Sutlej reflowing to merge into Indus river.

Samvid journal

The king Vishwamitra coveted Vashistha's divine cow Nandini that could fulfil material desires. Vashistha destroyed Vishwamitra's army and sons. Vishwamitra acquired weapons from Lord Shiva and incinerated Vashistha's hermitage and sons, but Vashistha baffled all of Vishwamitra's weapons.

Vishwamitra betook severe penances for thousands of years and became a Brahmarshi. He even reconciled with Vashistha. Disciples[ edit ] Vashistha is best known as the priest and preceptor of the Ikshvaku kings.

Samvid journal

He was also the preceptor of Manu, the progenitor of Kshatriyas and Ikshvaku's father. Other characters like Nahusha, Rantideva and Bhishma were his disciples. When the Bharata king Samvarta lost his kingdom to the Panchalas, he became the disciple of Vashistha.

Under Vashistha's guidance, Samvarta regained his kingdom and became the ruler of the earth. The Vasishtha Head[ edit ] A copper casting of a human head styled in the manner described for Vasishtha was discovered in in Delhi.

This piece has been dated to around BCE, plus minus years, in three western universities ETH Zurich, Stanford and UC using among other methods carbon dating tests, spectrographic analysis, X-ray dispersal analysis and metallography.

Further the head had an inscription of "Narayana" suggesting that the item was produced in a much later millennium. The item, states Edwin Bryant, likely was re-cast and produced from an ancient pre BCE copper item that left significant traces of matter with the observed C dating.

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This Ashram is situated close to Assam - Meghalaya border to the south of Guwahati city and is a major tourist attraction of Guwahati. Vasishtha Temple is situated in Vashisht village, Himachal Pradesh. The famous Arattupuzha Pooram is a yearly celebration where Sri Rama comes from the Thriprayar Temple to pay obeisance to his Guru at Arattupuzha temple.Mar 06,  · Chemistry of Textiles and Dyes.

pH of fibers and dyes Ever wonder why adding lemon to iced tea changes the color? It is due to pH. What is pH? . This is a journal kept by Saavedro during his imprisonment in J' scattered the pages throughout all the lesson ages. Transcript of the journal [].

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Animal sourced food is slowly killing us and most of our major diseases can be prevented by adopting a plants-only diet. Dr. Raj Kishore Sharma is a teacher, speaker, advisor, author and researcher.

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