To break or not to break

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To break or not to break

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Spear Fate Mends a new tapestry with her motherand they both ride on their horses after watching the lords leave Quote "Some say that fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own.

But I know better. Our fate lives within us.

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You only have to be brave enough to see it. Firstborn descendant of clan DunBrochand I'll be shootin' for my own hand! Merida is the eleventh official Disney Princess and the first to originate from Pixar.

Contents [ show ] Background Princess Merida is the headstrong and free-spirited year old tomboyish, willful daughter of Queen Elinorwho rules the kingdom alongside her husband, King Fergus.

Queen Elinor's expectations of her daughter cause Merida to see Elinor as being distant while also causing friction between the two. Despite Elinor's desire to see Merida as a proper royal lady, Merida is an impetuous girl who wants to take control of her own destiny.

Merida has honed her skill in archery and is one of the most skilled archers ever seen. She is also skilled in sword-fighting and racing across the countryside on her horse, Angus. Despite her outgoing, forceful, headstrong, and willful personality, Merida does have a playful softness of heart; particularly when it comes to her younger triplet brothers, Harris, Hubert, and Hamish.

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Official Description Merida is a princess by birth and an To break or not to break by a spirit. She spends her days practicing archery, riding her horse Angus, and exploring the world around her.

She loves her family, but she wants to control her own destiny. Personality Merida is a very bold, brave, daring, courageous, stubborn, rebellious, and headstrong girl who does not fit the stereotypical princess role. Rather than being a damsel in distress who is subservient to the customs, traditions, and social restrictions her society places on her and expects her to follow, Merida openly rebels and defies her heritage as a princess and would like for nothing more than to be a normal girl.

She is very athletic and enjoys nothing riding her horse Angus and practicing her archery, of which she is the best in the kingdom. She also seems to be skilled in sword fighting, as shown in the Brave featurette "Cutting the Class".

She tends to be ungraceful and has bad manners, and is extremely tomboyish. In terms of personality, she greatly parallels and resembles her fatheras the two both tend to be unruly, impulsive, and loud.

However, she also does resemble her mother in terms of stubbornness and inability to listen to others. When Merida was younger, she had a close relationship with both her mother and her father. She showed a curious side as she followed the wisps despite needing to go back to the trail and seemed to believe in the legends and myths of her kingdom, highlighting her innocence and naivety.

She also tended to be playful, as shown by her playing hide and seek with her mother and being very hyperactive. She is also shown to have developed an interest in archery early on her childhood, possibly by influence from her father.

As she has grown up, Merida is still very energetic and free-spirited, but has a more strained relationship with her mother though she still holds the same good relationship with her father and is more rebellious.

This is because she views the strict training and social etiquette that her mother teaches her as tedious and bothersome. However, Merida also hardly ever understands her mother's feelings about wanting to do what she believed would be best for Merida or properly conveying her feelings and understanding how her desire for freedom and rebelliousness could potentially and negatively affect the kingdom.

Over the course of the film, however, after Merida rebuilds her bond with her mother in bear form while they catch fish to eat at a river bank and realizes all the trouble she has caused with her reckless actions, she proceeds to make amends, and with her mother's help, creates a diplomatic solution that allows everyone to be happy and for her to have a better understanding of the importance of her mother's role and wisdom while teaching her mother to learn to listen and understand her better.

She is also shown to be very adventurous and brave, as she enjoys wandering around the forests that surround her kingdom and even climbed the Crone's Tooth and drank from the fire falls, something her father has mentioned that only the bravest kings have done.

She was also willing to defend her mother from her father after her father tried to kill her as she was in her bear form and Fergus mistakenly believed that she in her bear form killed Elinor and again when she shot arrows at Mor'du to protect him from attacking her father.

Unfortunately, Merida is very short-tempered, and impulsive, causing her to do things without considering the consequences her actions can lead to. For example, she wanted her parents to call off the gathering for the three clans allied with the DunBroch despite the fact it could possibly lead to war.

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She also entered the games that would determine who would be her groom so she could "shoot for her own hand. This was also shown when she bought a spell from a witch to "change her mother" without realizing the potential harm the spell could do to her or what would happen to her.

It is through seeing the consequences of her actions that she goes to appreciate the role her mother plays as a diplomat, especially when due to Elinor being a bear Merida had to act as the diplomat and settle matters herself.

This also helps to mend the distance between her and Elinor.

To break or not to break

Merida can also be slightly selfish, as shown when after feeding her mother the cake that contained the spell that would "change her mother", she ignored her mother's pain and groaning and consistently bombarded her with questions of whether she had changed her mind about the engagement, and also when she wanted to call off the gathering, despite seemingly knowing it might cause trouble as she mentions "we expect your declarations of war in the morning".View Sometimes You Gotta Balance Out The DANK With Memes That Are A Little More WHOLESOME Rebecca Martinson.

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To yield break; or not to yield break; ? That is the question!