Write any two feature of forecasting sales

Excerpts from Survival Statistics - an applied statistics book for graduate students. Most people view the world as consisting of a large number of alternatives.

Write any two feature of forecasting sales

Creating a sales plan A basis for sales forecasts Sales forecasts enable you to manage your business more effectively. Before you begin, there are a few questions that may help clarify your position: How many new customers do you gain each year?

How many customers do you lose each year? What is the average level of sales you make to each customer? Are there particular months where you acquire or lose more customers than usual? Before you factor in a new product launch, or an economic trend, look at the level of sales for each customer last year.

Do you know of any customers who are going to buy more - or less - from you next year? In the case of customers who account for a significant value of sales, you may want to ask them if they plan to change their purchase level in the foreseeable future.

New businesses New businesses have to make assumptions based on market research and good judgement. Every business can also add in the new customers that it expects to attract without actually knowing who they are, or what they will buy. Simply enter "new customer" on your forecast.

Depending on your type of business, you may want to specify the volume of sales in the forecast - for example, how many 3. By knowing the volume, you can plan the necessary resources in areas such as production, storage and transport.

Your sales assumptions Every year is different so you need to list any changing circumstances that could significantly affect your sales.

write any two feature of forecasting sales

These factors - known as the sales forecast assumptions - form the basis of your forecast. Wherever possible, put a figure against the change - as shown in the examples below.

Simple Exponential Smoothing

You can then get a feel for the impact it will have on your business. Here are some typical examples of assumptions: The market The market you sell into will grow by 2 per cent.

Your market share will shrink by 2 per cent, due to the success of a competitor. Your resources You will double your sales force from three people to six people, halfway through the year.

You will spend 50 per cent less on advertising, which will reduce the number of enquiries from potential customers.

Overcoming barriers to sale You are moving to a better location, which will lead to 30 per cent more customers buying next year. You are raising prices by 10 per cent, which will reduce the volume of products sold by 5 per cent but result in a 4.

Your products You are launching a range of new products. Sales will be small this year and costs will outweigh profits, but in future years, you will reap the benefits.Any regularity or systematic variation in the series of data which is due to seasonality—the “seasonals.” Cyclical patterns that repeat any two or three years or more.

Trends in the data. Every company that uses sales forecasts possesses its own technique to approach the forecasting process.

write any two feature of forecasting sales

Some companies have a dedicated team of forecast professionals while others use the sales. Salesforce is an easy-to-use, cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) No Headaches · No Software · No HardwareService catalog: Sell, Service, Market, Connect.

Forecasting is a process of predicting or estimating the future based on past and present data. Forecasting provides information about the potential future events and .

Used by hundreds of the world's best companies. These two sales forecasting methods take into account a whole host of data, including your current sales pipeline, your historical performance, and other variables. As such, they are a lot more quantitatively reliable, grounded in sales data instead of finger-in-the-wind intuition. Jul 02,  · If you think sales forecasting is hard, try running a business without a forecast. That’s much harder. Your sales forecast is also the backbone of your business plan. People measure a business and its growth by sales, and your sales forecast sets the standard for expenses, profits, and growth. The sales forecast is almost always going to be the first set of numbers you’ll track for plan versus actual /5(64).

have in place for sales forecasting are optimized given your current situation. Frequent review This paper addresses how to develop an effective sales forecast. Questions will be posed to the pipeline that are duplicated by two or more sales people. Management can adjust for these.

Your sales forecast is the backbone of your business plan. People measure a business and its growth by sales, and your sales forecast sets the standard for expenses, profits and growth.

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