Writing a scope of work proposal

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Writing a scope of work proposal

Since it is the main official document that initiates the start of the project and guides it along its different phases, it should outline features such as deliverables, resources, projections, manpower, cost and schedule.

Mixing and matching all these factors in their right proportions can be a task and hence it should be done in a sequenced, orderly and precisely clear manner. The following features when kept in mind will guide one on how to write a scope of work.

What are the objectives of the project? Why is a project initiated in the first place? Is it some new, innovative idea that might grab the market and be a total profit for the organization?

Does it have some potential financial gain? Is it a collaborative idea of many stakeholders for some common goal?

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Answers to these questions highlight the reason for launching the project and defining the end results. As in the attached image, the scope of work highlights the construction of a Mall to accommodate 20 stores of 20, square feet each.

The objective or goal of the project is clear. It states exactly what it wants to achieve. Deliverables are defined as the results that have to be accomplished as a result of work packages, or at the end of each phase, or the end of the project.

Again, as in the attached image as an example, each store resulting in being 20, square feet is a deliverable to be accomplished. Perhaps after each phase, either the flooring has to be a certain result, or the tiling has to be a certain percent complete. Cost, schedule, resources, manpower and technology are the limiting factors in a project along every phase and hence each has a set targets to achieve, i.

All these criteria are clearly defined with inclusions and exclusions as limits. Each criteria are further supported by independent documents such as an IRR-project feasibility report for example. Every step of the project has to be defined in terms of work that has to be done.

Work that has to be done is hence decomposed into many clear, precise and doable packages known as a work package and collectively forming the work breakdown structure. Every form of work that has to be done is included in the WBS which is an extension of the scope of work.

Anything not part of the WBS is outside the scope of the project.

Understand the Requirements

Everything that is mentioned as part of the project is termed as an inclusion. It may be categorized into different categories and subcategories. Anything that is not mentioned in the scope statement is outside the scope of the project and should not be done.

However, there are certain clauses or conditions that may be mentioned in the project for things that should not be done. These clauses are termed as exclusions. For example, as in the attached image, a clause may be mentioned that no work is to be done during the rains. Another case may be in compliance with human resource management strategies that when a certain number of workers are employed, irrespective of the delay of the project against schedule, no additional workers may be employed beyond this number.

When all these factors are assembled together a scope statement is produced. Once all these factors are clearly understood and translated into writing, the project can proceed to the next step.A Scope of Work is a framework document that will outline the work that will be performed under a contract or subcontract.

This document is not an actual contract, but it .

writing a scope of work proposal

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Proposal No. P12/ 01/12/ Page 7 of 25 5. Response to Scope of Work Responses must be clear and thorough, but concise, and written in plain, easy to understand. response to this Request for Proposal will be informed, in writing, of the name of the RENEWAL OR WILL IT BE A CONTRACT FOR A WORK PERFORMED WITHIN A SPECIFIC TIME PERIOD 1.

Proposed approach to scope of work. GUIDELINES FOR WRITING INTENT OF RESEARCH items. 1. TITLE PAGE 2.

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writing a scope of work proposal

REFERENCES 1. TITLE PAGE The title page of the research proposal shall indicate the following: In the proposal study I will only investigate the effect of plastic content on the. scope of work Action Africa Help International (AAH-I) is seeking for the services of a Consultant to write out its Strategic Plan, – as outlined in the scope of work below.

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