Yamaha motors marketing plan

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Yamaha motors marketing plan

Let us start the Yamaha Marketing Mix: Yamaha is a leading global brand which has products in motorcycles, consumer electronics etc. Yamaha has a varied range of products in its marketing mix in music, electronics, power sports and motor vehicles.

Electronics products and services include professional audio, network devices, unified communications systems and other electronic devices like AudioEngine and LSI.

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Racing carts, electric hybrid bicycles, all-terrain vehicles and helicopter drones are some other products of Yamaha. The company launched 80 new models in Although Yamaha has a huge range of product lines, still it follows a competitive pricing strategy in its marketing mix across all segments.

Even though comparably priced, Yamaha never compromises on quality. Its pricing strategy is especially competitive in India where it is trying to gain as much two-wheeler market share as possible by manufacturing lowest cost products which deliver quality.

India is a very big market for Yamaha Motors Co Ltd and has highly price sensitive buyers. Moreover, competitors like Hero, Honda, Bajaj have two-wheelers in economy segment which is the major chunk of market size.

Yamaha also has two wheelers in premium segment which is priced at a high range and caters to upper to upper middle-income segment, especially youth. The major product category of musical instrument is also very reasonably priced and is considered affordable by most of the consumers.

The varying degrees of price segments depends on the quality of products and is fully justified. Yamaha Corporation is spread across worldwide with its headquarters located in Hamamatsu, Japan.

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It is a truly multinational company with presence across all continents. In North America, Yamaha is present in all major states of U. The company also has a very strong presence in Europe with all major countries like Germany, France, U.

Yamaha motors marketing plan

It is also present in Dubai, Russia and Australia while in Africa, it has a presence in 52 countries across the continent. Yamaha Motors is also spread globally and has production plants across the world.

It tries to source materials locally to achieve cost reduction which can be transferred to the customers in the form of low prices. It is the world leader in Guitars and percussion instruments market and the products are in huge demand owing to quality at affordable price.

Despite this, Yamaha offers huge number of sales promotion offers and discounts for its musical products.

Yamaha motors marketing plan

The campaign is aimed at the adventure seeker youth who gets thrill from adventure sports. It was aimed at associating positivity with the brand by using conditioning. Hence, this concludes the Yamaha marketing mix. Yamaha Corporation is a highly diversified company with its headquarters located in Japan.

It is the largest maker of musical instruments in the world. Yamaha is also a major producer of audio products, sporting goods, semiconductors and other electronics products. The company is highly invested in music industry with music schools in Japan and 40 other countries all over the world.

It also has chain of resorts in Japan. It used to have a Yamaha Motors division which became an independent company later, but Yamaha Corporation still holds a majority stake of 33 percent in the company. Yamaha Motors Co Ltd is the second largest producer of motorcycles.

It also manufactures snowmobiles, power sports vehicles, engines, and industrial robots. The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories.Castrol Motor Oil Marketing Plan by Steven (hardsettasa). Stream music on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share.

MUMBAI: India Yamaha Motor, the Indian arm of Japanese bike maker Yamaha, has decided to hive off its sales and marketing functions into a separate entity in a bid to reduce costs and break into profits. With the expanding manufacturing footprint, product portfolio and the sales outlets, the top.

7 days ago · Clearly, Yamaha sees potential in the Indian bicycle market, which is 15 million units annually but still behind sales of motorcycles and scooters, which are over 20 million units.

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